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For nearly a century, both Guar and Psyllium have been used in landscaping and erosion control. Guar is used in hydroseeding and in hydromulching applications. Guar additives minimize erosion and promote moisture retention. Guar’s versatile organic qualities integrate with virtually any kind of seed, additive, or fertilizer.

On landfills, construction sites and any project where slopes may be subject to erosion and runoff, guar and psyllium-based products provide an ecologically-friendly solution.

Airborne particles of fugitive dust from landfills, large-scale landscaping projects, and construction sites can be a public safety hazard. In these instances, various guar and psyllium-based products provide an effective, ecologically-responsible method of dust suppression.

Companies like North Idaho Hydroseeding write, “Whether the site is fairly flat or an extremely steep slope, we have the ability to tackify our hydroseeding slurries using guar gum…”

Another hydroseeding expert wrote, “Guar gum, used as a tackifier, has produced excellent results. The thickening and bonding capabilities can last up to six months. If guar is mixed with a cross linking agent, chances are the product would be able to last over a year. The most important use of the tackifier is its capability to last long enough for germination of the seed. Because guar gum is an organic ingredient, it enhances germination and creates a better soil environment. Due to the different climate and land conditions in the varied regions, the time for germination is unpredictable.”

Northstar can provide precise product grades to meet state requirements.


“Northstar Impex can provide
us with products that meet
different state and regional
standards. They are very easy
to work with and give us
timely service...it’s a seamless
process. We like that their
products are environmentally
friendly, and 100% natural, as
this matters in some applications.
They also can supply us with multiple grade options.”

- An Erosion
Control Professional



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